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Enhancing quality of life for people of all abilities

Since 2010, Apex Behavior Consulting has been enhancing quality of life for people of all abilities by providing services guided by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS).  We are an Utah owned and operated small business providing services in Salt Lake, Weber, and Davis Counties.



Compassion Forward~Evidence Based~Trauma Informed

We use the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and the philosophy of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) to make meaningful behavior change. We honor neurodiversity and specialize in supporting people who are neurodivergent, specifically those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other neurological, intellectual, or developmental conditions.  

We focus on the unique needs of the individual and their circumstances to provide services that improve skills and behaviors that are important to areas of everyday life.  Our services can help people with language, social interaction, wellness habits, self care, toileting, eating, sleeping, education, employment, self-regulations, intimate relationships, independent living, to name just a few.


Our team comes to you.  We provide services where they are needed most including home, community, employment and school settings.

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ABA Therapy is a more intensive therapy that is provided through one-on-one individual therapy sessions and meetings with caregivers.  Treatment depends on the specific needs of the individual, and each treatment program is tailored to what will be most effective for the individual.


A minimum of 9 hours of therapy is required per week to maximize outcomes but up to 40 hours per week has been found to be most effective for some individuals. 

ABA Therapy can be effective for people with a variety of diagnosis.  In 2014, Utah law mandated that insurance companies cover ABA Therapy as a treatment for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you need help getting a Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, refer to this Autism Evaluation Provider List



Behavior Consultants provide the tools necessary for people to implement their own behavior supports . Behavior Consultation Services are provided to individuals, families, and provider staff by a professional trained in behavior analysis and positive behavior support.  Behavior consultants conduct functional behavior assessments, develop and implement behavior support plans, and analyze data to assess progress. 

Typically 2-8 hours per month of consultation is provided depending on need. This service is typically paid for with private pay or through the Utah Department of Human Services (DSPD, DCFS, JJS)

Young Businesswomen


In our efforts to expand behavior analysis, we provide professional development services to students studying behavior analysis.  All students that we have supervised for their BCBA have passed their test.
We provide behavior analysis training and consultation to agencies that provide services to people with challenging behavior.  This service is offered on a one time basis or ongoing. 
Business Consultation services are provided to individuals and companies interested in starting a behavior analysis program. 

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We want people to get the services they need.  Apply for services and we can help you determine the cost of services.

Contact us if you have any questions about what behavior services your insurance or other programs cover.


Select Health, University of Utah, PEHP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, Health Savings Account

We are contracted with most insurance agencies or are able to enter into single case agreements.  Utah law requires insurance companies to cover ABA Therapy for people Diagnosed with Autism. Our services are typically not covered for other diagnosis and require private pay.


Utah Medicaid and CHIP

We are contracted with Utah Medicaid.  Utah Medicaid covers ABA Therapy for people of all ages diagnosed with Autism.



We are contracted to provide behavior consultation and ABA Therapy with the Utah Department of Health and  Human Services.


We accept private pay for services not covered by insurance.


ABA Therapy Program Supervision

This service is provided by a Behavior Analyst who is responsible for supervising an ABA Therapy Program.

Service includes supervision and training of behavior technicians, evaluation and modification to treatment plan, coordination with support team, monthly progress report

*Minimum of 4 hours per month is required for ongoing ABA Therapy Program

$50-80 PER HOUR

Direct ABA Therapy

This service is provided by a Behavior Technician who is under the supervision of a behavior analyst and is responsible for the direct, 1:1 implementation of the treatment plan.

Direct one-to-one implementation of teaching strategies, behavior interventions and other aspects of the treatment plan.

*Minimum of 9 hours per week is required for ongoing ABA Therapy Program


Behavior Consultation

This service provides caregivers and individuals with the tools and support they need to achieve and sustain positive behavior change. 

~Service includes functional assessment, behavior support plan development, caregiver consultation and training, behavior support plan modification, data collection, monthly progress report, and on-going support for program implementation

*This service is covered by Medicaid for people enrolled in the DSPD Waiver.  It is not currently covered by insurance.

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